• Project Title: Arcanum
    • Platform: IOS devices
    • Design Software: Procreate, Photoshop
    • Development Software: VS Code, Angular, Ionic, xCode


Arcanum is an app I designed and built as part of my Master's Major Project.

With new tarot card designs and a wide variety of readings to perform, Arcanum offers a unique digital experience of a decades old practice. Arcanum's tarot guide provides users with a wealth of tarot knowledge, educating them on the core elements of the practice. Detailed information is provided on how to perform tarot readings, how to interpret a spread and methods of gaining further insight on a reading.

Arcanum's readings include a mix of new and traditional spreads, such as the Celtic Cross. Readings range from three-card spreads to ten-card spreads and include both the upright and reversed positions of the cards.

Arcanum is available to download in the app store here.