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    • Project Title: Top Oil Win
    • Platform: Desktop
    • Duration: 1 Week
    • Design Software: Figma, Photoshop


Top Oil Win is a competition currently being held by Top Oil Ireland. Their customers have the opportunity to enter their online competition with every €15 purchase of fuel from March 2022 to November 2022. This project is a redesign of their current competition entry platform.


Top Oil Win’s current desktop layout, as seen below, is cluttered and confusing. This project addresses identified pain points on Top Oil Win’s current competition platform and offers a more empathetic design approach informed by UX methodologies.


A customer journey mapping board was drawn up to highlight the actions, experience, opportunities and pain points of the current Top Oil Win website.

Ideation allowed for consideration of the products elements that did work and also explored new concepts for the remaining elements that did not work.


A new layout was explored with low-fidelity mockups informed by the customer journey map and ideation process.

The Prototype